Living is the only learning. Experiencing, the best lesson

Educating for life

Educating for life, not just for work, is now the big challenge of the educational system. Prepare oneself for solving challenges in contexts of uncertainty requires knowing how to connect knowledge, share what you know and what you don’t and, above all, be willing to learn from mistakes. Sangaku is an educational proposal that provides methodologies, technologies and resources to promote change inside and outside the classroom, understanding that the educational community, families and the social agents are part of the same ecosystem.

This is what we do

Sangaku Lerni

(Ca) La nova manera d’aprendre junts. Una metodologia implementada en una plataforma tecnològica per potenciar la creativitat i la col∙laboració.

Sangaku Maths

(Ca) Recurs educatiu obert per a l’aprenentatge de les matemàtiques. Els usuaris inventen, resolen i comparteixen problemes a partir dels seus propis interessos.

Sangaku Research

(Ca) Investigació dels processos d’aprenentatge i avaluació de l’impacte de les metodologies educatives.

Sangaku Seminars

(Ca) Tallers de format flexible per a docents, directors de centres escolars, pedagogs, pares i mares i totes aquelles persones que volen transformar entorns educatius.